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Chicken Tagine With Raisins

Chicken Tagine With Raisins


  • 500 g chicken file
  • 1 onion
  • 50 g raisins
  • cumin
  • saffron
  • ginger
  • paprika
  • sea salt
  • handful of walnuts or almonds
  • couscous


On little oil briefly fry ginger powder, caraway and saffron. Add onion chopped into ribs and fry until soften while adding water. Then add chicken meat cut into cubes and cook for more ten minutes. Spice with little sea salt, sweet paprika which can optionally be hot. Paprika just need to brighten the color, the taste should not be felt. Pour water. The meat should not be covered with water, but it should be somewhere in half. Cover and cook over low heat until the water is almost evaporated. For the last ten minutes, add raisins. Serve with couscous and crumbled walnuts, almonds, cashew…

If you follow the rules of chrono diet, leave couscous and raisins to your household and you enjoy this meal in combination with some salad.

Chicken Tagine With Raisins

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