Sweet Carob Candy

Sweet Carob Candy


  • 100 g butter
  • 100 g carob powder
  • 1 cup lukewarm water or one that stood on room temperature for few hours


It is important that the water you use is lukewarm, ie. at room temperature. Use either bottled water or simply – cook plain water.
Also, it is good for butter to stand at room temperature for a while as it blends more beautifully. So, whisk the butter well. Best by hand, with a wooden spoon. Then add a few tablespoons of carob. Mix it up. Add little water until you have a mixture that forms beautifully. You can pour the mixture into a rectangular mold to form a bar of chocolate. If you are planning on hanging out with friends, you can then take the mixture with a spoon and put it in paper baskets to get choco-candy. This is a very practical method, because it gets seemingly more. Keep in mind that the carob has a rather intense taste and that one or two candies are quite enough. If you like, add a piece of raw almond on top of each. You can also add it to the mixture itself. Like some grains of salt, hot peppers or vanilla flavors. Indulge yourself in the creative wave, but follow the rules of chrono diet.

Sweet Carob Candy

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