Stuffed Choco Bites

Stuffed Choco Bites


  • 200 g roasted almonds
  • 200 g chocolate with at least 70% cocoa
  • pinch of coarse sea salt


First you should make almond butter. Put them in a blender (chopper, processor ..) and treat them literally until get butter, or a smooth mixture. It looks like peanut butter, with this one being a thousand times tastier and healthier. Melt chocolate (the recommendation is to do it on steam). Arrange paper baskets (or silicone molds) and fill the bottoms with melted chocolate. Put them into fridge to tighten. After ten minutes, remove from the fridge and put in each half teaspoon of almond butter and on butter literally 3 grains of sea salt. Salt enhances the taste. Pour the remaining chocolate over the butter to close the magic circle of these delicious baskets and put them back in the fridge. After 10 minutes they are ready to enjoy their taste.

If you have some butter left, it can stand in the fridge for a week. Excellent combination with dates.

Stuffed Choco Bites

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