Chrono Diet it’s a diet where many foodstuffs containing starch aren’t allowed to eat, as well as anything sweet, including fruits. Because of that, a lot of pounds quickly disappear, and the organism is a little purified from unhealthy ingredients. It is a mix of rules of the original chrono diet that was conceived nearly 30 years ago in France and where there was no snack at that time; there were only three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner, consisting of a small number of foodstuff.  These rules are coupled with chrono-nutrition recommendations for those with cholesterol problems (no starch for lunch and dinner, and excessive limitation in bread in the morning) and nutrition advice for diabetics (choose foods with a lower glycemic index).

In this diet, there is not a precise amount of foods to be eaten. The only thing that is characteristic is that meals are consumed at certain time intervals and with a certain combination of foodstuff. You will lose weight and continue to eat your favorite foods. It is only important that you adhere to the rules. The most difficult is the first phase or the so-called “restriction” period. Apart from the fact that people are severely affected by changes in habits, they are worried how to retain their weight after those initial months.

Chrono Nutrition After Restriction

As we already said restriction phase can last 28 days or more depending on the kilograms you want to loose. Some people have not even been in restriction phase but they still lost their weight, but slower. When finish restriction phase what follows is non-restriction period and that’s actually a healthy diet that we should adhere to for a lifetime. In chrono nutrition, very few foods are forbidden, so there are countless options, just take care of the combinations. But let’s start from the beginning.

Time Gap Between Meals

You no longer have to watch the clock to pass 5 hours between meals, now a minimum is 3 hours, and again a maximum is 6 hours. When you have a snack, it’s often right to eat with a time gap of 4 to 4.5 hours to get everything done at a certain time. Of course, when someone has a very long day, and early breakfast, it can easily be complied with and a space of 5 hours.


Things do not change here much, because you could eat everything before. Only now do not have to worry about the combination of eggs and dairy, or about combining two dairy products. Or more of them. This was otherwise not recommended for easier digestion, but it is generally a very individual matter. You can also eat all type of cheeses including hard cheeses. In non-restriction period, also for breakfast, you should eat quality, preferably homemade breads.  This is something that should never change. Because, on this diet, we are primarily for health, and then for weight. But in non- restriction, there is no limit to the combination, it should always be borne in mind that there is something greasy in the plate, because it is the essence of the chrono breakfast. The bread should not prevail. But now, corn and wheat flour can be used occasionally.


Well, here’s the most change. In the diet we return legumes and starchy vegetables and sometimes we are allowed to eat pasta. But now, most of all, we have to take care of the combinations. But about the quantities. Often it is heard that quantities are not important, but it’s just not true. It’s not the same when you eat meat and salad or non- starchy vegetables and when you return rice, pasta, peas, beans, lentil, etc. A little cautious is not a waste. Especially if there is still a snack that does not have in restriction.

Many nutritionists dealing chrono nutrition forbid that heavy starch is eaten with protein. For example, when eating a dough it can go in combination with vegetables only. Rice, peas, chickpeas and beans can be mixed with a lighter protein, such as fish or poultry. Only there is an exception for the quinoa, it can be mixed with everything. Also, it is recommended that neither beans nor lentil be mixed with the protein. Some nutritionists allow cheese to be eaten occasionally with legumes. And they even allow a piece of bread with a starchy lunch.

Original rules say something completely different – all meat and all starch can be mixed, but very limited and quantity varies from someone’s height and activity during the day. When you look at a plate, regardless of whether we talk about restriction or rules in non-restriction, vegetables (starchy or non-starchy) should make one third of meat or fish. In non-restriction is also allowed the use of whole eggs for lunch. Of course, if you do not have a cholesterol problem.

Also, dairy products can be used for lunch, but do not forget that they contribute overweight, so do not relax too much with them. They are allowed sometimes. Cooking cream, young cheese, sour milk, sour cream is allowed. Instead of milk, you can use coconut milk, which is great for making all kinds of sauces, and it goes with all the combinations.

Also, you can sometimes mix meat, eggs and dairy products, as is the case in musk, but with no need to overdo it. And take care of the health aspect. Healthy people can practically do everything. Those who are not healthy should avoid certain foods.

Potatoes are not forbidden in chrono diet, but it is not recommended, and should be maximally circumvented, because in the meantime it has become some kind of superstarch. But if you can not resist it, it is not recommended with protein. For example, you can bake it whole and eat it with a salad. Or to eat with some dairy product for breakfast.


Dinner goes after snack and only it can eat earlier in relation to the rest. You can have dinner 1,5 to 2 hours after snack. But it does not have to. Wait until hungry. Dinner in non-restriction can be much more relaxed. There are no restrictions on the color of vegetables, it is possible to eat all non-starchy vegetables. Some nutritionists allow all sorts of meat for dinner, but I have never adopted this rule because I think I already eat too much for lunch. In the original rules, fish, seafood and white – light meat are recommended in the evening, but it is not recommended often. Also, rabbit and veal can be eaten.


Well, this is the most awaited because it’s a time when we can eat sweet.

Snack is always eaten between lunch and dinner. And it should pass at least 3 hours from the lunch. But if you have a good lunch, you will not get hungry so fast. Snack is eaten between 16 and 18 by winter time calculation, or between 17 and 19 per summer time calculation.

The real chrono snack consists of fruits, nuts and black chocolate. Everything else, which contains flour, eggs, butter, dairy products and the like, should be eaten very rarely. It’s more popping out of the regime, than a chrono snack, even if you use integral flour.

Some nutritionists recommend snack every second or third day, while in original rules it is mandatory every day. Also, some nutritionists as sweeteners recommend only stevia, fructose, agave syrup and coconut sugar. In fact, everything that has a lower glycemic index. They forbid honey because apparently  it is difficult to digest.. In the original rules, each sugar is allowed, even honey, but the general recommendation is to use sweeteners a little and once in ten days.

The basic rules of “restriction”:

  • Before breakfast, you can drink herbal tea or warm lemonade, and no coffee. It is recommended to drink a maximum of two coffee during the day, one after breakfast, and the other after lunch.
  • Alcohol is not allowed, except for red wine – 4 glasses per week
  • Milk is removed from use
  • There is no snack, and fruit is not allowed
  • Meals are served for 5 to 5.5 hours. Schedule is the most important and should not be less than 4 or more than 6 hours -ideally 5.


Vinegar, pickles, groceries  in which there is added sugar, yeast, white flour, sunflower and palm oil, mix of  spices enriched with additives, trans – fats,  old and fat cheeses, sour cream for cooking, soy, potatoes, rice, beans, lentils, corn … .. Most of the things, except junk food, can be eaten after the restriction period.

Foods that by cooking drastically change the glycemic index, such as carrots or beets, should be eaten raw, and later can be cooked or heat treated, but do not overdo it.


Cereals and pseudo-cereals (as well as their flours): barley, oats, rye, spelta, millet, buckwheat, quinoa, amarant

Vegetable: artichoke, broccoli, blitva (or Swiss chard), beetroot (fresh only), celery (only fresh, English celery or celery stems can be thermally processed), onion, garlic, leeks, kapar, cauliflower, kohlrabi, kale, cabbage, olives, cucumber, tomato, mushrooms (all edible species), paprika, brussels sprout, eggplant, radishes, horseradish, lettuce (all kinds), spinach, zucchini, carrot (only fresh), asparagus, naut

Fruits: avocado (which we use as vegetables), lemon

Dairy products: young cheese (fluffy ricotta, creamy goat cheese, soft mozzarella, crumbly feta), sour milk, sour cream, homemade kefir

Meat (eggs are allowed): game meat, veal, duck, chicken, turkey, pork, lamb, actually all kinds of meat

Fish: all freshwater fish, all sea fish, canned fish (once a week)

Nuts: almond, chestnut

Seeds: sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, Chia, hemp, flax, cummin , quinoa, and amaranth

Spices: salt (sea, potassium, Himalayan), pepper (all types),  basil, rosemary, parsley, oregano, thyme, bay leaf, paprika, mustar seeds, curry powder, ginger, chili, estragon, coriander, turmeric, cardamom, marjoram, nutmeg and more zillion of them … ..

You can see  that the list of allowed foods is far longer than the list with forbidden!

During the restriction period, vegetables with a lot of starch and fruit are excluded because there is plenty of sugar in it. And the fruit, as we know, is not the only source of vitamins. There are also fresh vegetables that should be consumed in as large a quantity as possible. Although life is not recommended without fruit, there are many examples that can be done without it.

If you have a large excess of pounds, and you are concerned that you will not import all the necessary nutrients, you can consult a nutritionist and perform an intolerance test on food. Foods that prove to be problematic on this test are immediately dumped out of the menu. This results in the recovery of the organism and the elimination of toxins.

People who do not have a large excess of kilograms, th restriction period in a chrono diet will not be needed, but the very change in life habits will bring a flat stomach. So you can hear that some people are talking about this period, while some claim they did not have it.

The restriction in chrono diet usually lasts 28 days because it is the period that needs to pass for the body to be cleaned of toxins, and may be longer if you have not reached the desired weight during that time.

Insert sometimes snacks, but not cakes, but fruits, preferably berry. Maybe a piece of black chocolate (75% cacao). Some people also lost weight. Follow yourself and your organism, eat diverse, do not overdo anything.

On this list, and these are not the only permissible things, but those that are at your fingertips, there are more than 90 items. With them it is possible to make a number of different combinations. As I said, monotonous often has nothing to do with diet, but with a lack of desire to make the meal interesting and quality.