Cheese With Spices

Cheese With Spices


  • 100 g Gouda cheese or other per your wish
  • spices also per your wish
  • chrono bread


It may be easiest to melt a cheese like Gouda, but you can also use Feta, mozzarella… For Gouda you don’t even need bowl, just baking paper. Put the piece of cheese on the baking paper, sprinkle with spices you like (oregano, chili, curry, coriander, sesame…) and put in the oven for one minute, just under the heater. Remove from the oven when it starts to melt. You do not want all the fat leak out, only to become soft. Before that prepare the bread you’ll eat with the cheese, because it is important to eat immediately. As it melts quickly, the cheese also quickly cools and re-tighten.

Cheese With Spices

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